Who Are We?

Goombay Labs is a family owned manufacturer of artisan scented candles and skin care products.

Our Mission

To create safe, transparent, and sustainable skincare and wellness products, by using contemporary artisan measures, in order to promote natural and  positive well-being for all.

Skincare and Aromatherapy Crafters

Humble Beginnings

The company was started out of a need to create happiness during a time where our founder, Travis Ferguson, life was difficult and bleak. Realizing that by positively affecting the senses, he could facilitate a path to happiness, Travis started manipulating moods and creating atmospheres by using scented candles to positively affect the sense of smell in order to relax and relieve stress. Seeing how successful that was, GL Candles was born championing happiness and peace of mind and candles as the way to get there.


Goombay Labs was formed and registered as the vehicle for this great adventure towards promoting happiness. GL Candles launched in December 2016 at the Winter Wonderland Expo with a line of 10 scented candles in silver 8oz tins (the only candles in a can at that time).


GL Candles expanded to 14 fragrances and secured its first retail location within the Sandy Shores News and Sundries store at the  Bahamar resort. Gl Candles started to make the rounds locally being featured on the Bahamas Trade Portal, and JustBiz242.


GL Candles appeared at the Tru Tru Bahamian Festival where it was the first exposure event to the local and international markets. Many locals supported the product, left feedback, and inspired to continue. It was also during this time that GL Candles underwent its first of 3 brand evolutions. A smaller 4oz candle tin was introduced to market with a shorter label. Goombay Labs decided to diversify into skincare to complement its aromatherapy offering.


GL Candles was rebranded as Goombay Candles™ with a fresh bold label and look. The fragrance library expanded to its current 27 fragrances and the Goombay Candles™ Wax Cubes were added to the product line. Goombay Labs restructured and hired staff to help manage the growth of Goombay Candles™ and further development on the skincare arm of the company, Island Bey.


The Island Bey project encountered several setbacks and delays due to supply chain issues which resulted in the cancellation of the project. After suffering from a bout of severe eczema, Travis insisted the that project was reinstated and reformulated, and project Island Bey rebranded as Man In The Sun™. In the lead up to the launch of Man In The Sun™, the Covid-19 pandemic struck which crippled business. Goombay Labs made staff redundant, and temporarily closed until the business environment was better. 


Goombay Labs partially reopened in January. Due to covid-19, the emergency orders, and satisfying supply chain obligations, Goombay Labs has rebooted back into a start up phase. Currently, Goombay Labs is working on expanding the product line for Man In The Sun™ with plans to re-launch Goombay Candles™ in Q4.

Our Brands