Who Are We?

Goombay Labs is a family owned manufacturer of artisan scented candles and skin care products.

Our Mission

To create safe, transparent, and sustainable skincare and wellness products, by using contemporary artisan measures, in order to promote natural and  positive well-being for all.


Why Do We Do What We Do?

The company was started out of a need to create happiness during a time where the founder’s life was difficult and bleak. Realizing that by positively affecting the senses, he could facilitate a path to happiness, the founder started manipulating moods and creating atmospheres by using scented candles to positively affect the sense of smell.

Seeing how successful that was, Goombay Candles™ was born and Goombay Labs was formed to expand upon the ideal of hand-crafting artisan products designed to promote a state of happiness and positive well-being. Goombay Labs launched in December 2016 championing a brand of scented candles, with a small but dedicated team of family members and close friends. To date, the company has expanded into natural skincare, with plans to release two complimentary skincare brands in the near future.

Crafters Of Contemporary Artisan Products

Goombay Labs has a strong belief that a quality product is one that is made with the finest ingredients sourced in nature, and given extreme attention to detail, with a transparent process.

 Therefore, all products made by Goombay Labs are produced by passionate Bahamian hands in small batches, using contemporary measures. This approach ensures consistent quality; a trait only found in artisan products.

You're Never Too Far Away

As an e-commerce based business, we have the flexibility to provide you with a fast, convenient, and secured, 24/7 shopping experience via our online storefront.

With transparent retailer opportunities, speedy free local delivery servicing New Providence and Paradise Island, and economical shipping to the Family Islands of the Bahamas, the United States, and Canada, getting your hands on a locally made artisan product is merely a button click away.

Our Brands