The New Normal

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Hello #goombaynation,

Great news, we are finally allowed to resume our full business operations. While the covid-19 pandemic forced closures of non essential businesses around the world for more than 2 months, we, in the Bahamas, are lucky enough to be allowed to open and operate during a time where most countries are still closed domestically and internationally.

We have been fortunate and in all things we must give thanks as the pandemic, and the shutdown, could have impacted us far worse than it did. With the implementation of new guidelines and best practices sanctioned by the Ministry of Health, we are now entering the era of a new normal.

So what is the new normal for Goombay Labs. As some of you may know, we are a small artisanal manufacturer. This means all of our products are made by hand and in small teams. To mitigate and prevent any possible contamination of our finished products we have implemented and taken the following measures:

  • Procured a new line of lab safety personal protective equipment for all of our production team members.
  • Upgraded our lab safety policy to include discarding and refitting all lab safety personal protective equipment for every instance a team member exits and re-enters the production area.
  • Increased the frequency of sanitization functions, especially in the production area, as well as in all storage areas.
  • Reconfigured the layout of our production area to accommodate social distancing measures.

These new measures are projected to impact our operation. You may expect to see a reduced production capacity, given the requirements for social distancing measures. This means certain products might take a longer time to be restocked however, we are actively working on making improvements to our production cycle so that customers are not affected by this.

Additionally, due to the investment in these measures, as well as the economic fallout due to the shutdown period, we had to delay the rollout of Island Bey, Gaulin, and reduce the roll out activities for the Goombay Candles Wax Cubes.

In the upcoming months I ask that you lend us your patience as we reconfigure the way we operate to meet the new normal. A special thank you to those customers who placed orders during the past two months. Your support has allowed us to keep our heads afloat during these uncertain times. 

Finally, outbound shipping services have resumed therefore, those back-ordered orders that have been pending will be leaving the country by the end of this week. We have been extremely grateful to our international customers for their patience, and as such, have included a token of our appreciation with your order.

To our #candlelovers, our #goombaynation, and our supporters, thank you for your patronage and let us pray that the rest of 2020 is void of hurricanes and any other disasters, and that we all remain safe.


Travis Ferguson

General Manager


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