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Hello #goombaynation!

We are excited to officially introduce to you our second brand, Man In The Sun™, or #MITS for short, and our first ever #MITSBIT! MITS represents hope for Goombay Labs, and is actually the successor of our Island Bey project that was scrapped back in 2018/2019. When we started Goombay Labs in 2016, we always had planned for 3 proprietary brands: GL Candles, now called Goombay Candles, Island Bey, and Gaulin, the latter being our skincare brands for the fellas and the ladies.

However, tings is be tings sometimes, and we ended up scratching the projects, going back to the dawing board, and the result is Man In The Sun™. Pretty long name for a skin care brand right? But here's the real tea about why we ended up jumping down the skincare rabbit hole.

It all started with a problem. Imagine being blessed with darkskin and thinking your skin was healthy and flawless until one hot summer, you go to the beach, and someone asks if whatever on your back is contagious? And that is how I learnt that not only did I have a bad case of shifting clouds, it was aggressively spreading, and giving way to patches of eczema. Oh boy.

How humbling. I mean, how often does one even look at their back? But that is how I learnt about a skin condition that plagues so many people. For the most part, I equated the itchiness I frequently experienced on part of my back as a sign that I needed to shower, given that I got heated and sweated frequently. So after learning of my skin condition, I tried all sort of remedies, soaking in the seawater and burning my back, slathering my doctor recommended ointments and creams, even as far as slapping aloe on my back and letting it sit for hours - all which only resulted in terrible flare ups. I switched soaps, which just made the patches spread even farther up my back and into my scalp, to come over my shoulders. It was at this point I rejoiced at how dark my skin was as the spreading patches were barely visable from a distance.

Naturally, I sat down and told myself that there's no way we shouldn't be able to create something to arrest the growth of the shifting clouds and eczema. And so began a year and a half worth of research into natural remedies that would manage these skin ailments. And let me be clear here. I'm not a certified dermatologist, but from personal experience, and as a certified cosmetic chemist, I strongly believe that skin conditions such as shifting clouds and ezcema can only be managed but not eliminated.

The results from our research alluded that most cases can be managed to minimize flare ups but nothing concrete to show or prove that there is a tried and true method and formula to cure it all together. Therefore, we decided to create a solution to help manage the many ailments that plague the skin of people who spend a lot of time in the sun.

But let us take a break to dive into some of the more defined causes that give rise to shifting clouds, ezcema, breakouts, acne, and other skin conditions. The research told us that chronic skin flare ups stem from:

excessive dryness of the skin

the perfume or fragrance components found in skincare cosmetics

poor diet and nutrition

poor hygiene practices


cosmetic additives

In specific reference to shifting clouds and ezcema, skin climate, fragrances, and cosmetic additives play a huge role in how your skin responds to products. Many skincare products, such as lotions, creams, soaps and toners have many unnecessary ingredients that we will lump together as cosmetic additives, and these additives typically don't have any real benefit to the skin; they are mostly used as a marketing prop. For example, a soap that is made with rose petals or that has honey in it. The rose petals and honey is a marketing ploy to boost demand and sales, but they are in such small quanitites within a formulation that they do not necessarily provide any skin benefits, aside from resulting in skin irritation for those with sensitive skin.

This is what really prompted me to campaign with the team and convince them to join me on this skin care journey. This is what prompted us to revisit Island Bey and Gaulin, and reformulate our formulas to get rid of all the unnecessary additives that has no benefit to the skin. The result is a line of formulations that truly contains no-nonsense ingredients. 

No-Nonsense Formualtion suddenly became a core value for this new brand during the testing and evaluation phases of our R and D for MITS. Everything is formulated fragrance free, paraben free, phthalate free, and all natural - so that no ingredeint would trigger any skin flare ups.

The results from our test market was phenomenal. Many of the participants responded that their skin rashes had cleared up, or their skin was returning back to a healthy complexion or that the irritation - the puffiness, the redness - was shrinking. Especially those who were bleaching (whew! can't wait to do a blog post on this!).

And so it came to be, we created simple formulations to prevent triggering flare ups. However, our marketing guru decided that alone was not good enough. She told us that if we wanted to sell this, we needed to sell more than "made simple to avoid skin problems" - sellable, but not marketable. I particularly didn't care too much for the marketing, I was happy that I had a product that was managing my skin condition and working.

Our marketing guru being our marketing guru made a lovely brand guide that was sure to attract the support of the masses, however, I looked at the gap in the market, and decided that this should be a product we market towards men, nevermind that 80% of our pilot test program were female participants. So why cater towards men? Simply because men typically don't have a skincare routine, nor do we care as much for our skin as women do. But that doesn't mean men don't want good skin to.

And so Man In The Sun™ became: a simple skincare routine for people who don't have a routine, a simple skincare solution for those who have sensitive skin, a simple skincare brand for men because men need nice products too!

So far the MITS product line has 2 products: a Natural Turmeric Bar and a Natural Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Bar. Within the coming months we will be releasing the other 2 components, a lip balm, and a full body moisturizer to round out a 3 product routine, all within our ideal of keeping it simple. I mean, have you seen how many products are in a female skin care brand (toner, cleanser, moisturizer, mask, scrub, day cream, night cream, exfoliator etc) - as a man, ain nobody have time for all of that!

And therefore, from myself, and the team at Goombay Labs, we are excited to present to you, Man In The Sun™ - Simple Skincare For Men.

Women can use it too but let us men have this one moment to shine. We hope that you will support our new brand as you have with Goombay Candles™. We look forward to you adopting MITS as your new simple skincare routine, and joining you on your skincare journey to healthy skin the natural way!



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