Fingernails Cause Acne?!

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Welcome to the first segment of #skintips with MITS

Hi! Hello!

It's the Man In The Sun™ team from GOOMBAY LABS.

Welcome to the first official #simpleskincare tip segment with Man In The Sun™. If you don't know what Man In The Sun™ (MITS) is all about, it is a simple natural skincare line procured for men, though we have a lot of women who use it as well. 

We curated this brand of skincare products to:

provide a natural solution to those with sensitive skin, 

get those who don't have a current skincare regiment to adopt a simple routine, 

promote the use of transparent natural products. 

Man In The Sun™ is not a brand that works in the realm of corrective cosmetics, therefore, you will find we won't carry skin lightening, spot removal, and other corrective skincare products. We prefer the realm of natural cosmetics as we believe your skincare routine should sustain the type of skin you have rather than change it. Often, defects in the skin can alert to other health problems but that is a conversation for another segment.

Our goal with these simple skincare tips segments is to help you on your journey to flawless skin. We believe that skincare should be simple (one or two products with a quick routine) and natural (no unnecessary additives). 

We also believe that key to great skin is comprised of the following:

25% Product

30% Habits

15% Genetics

30% Diet

You will find that our segments will be centred around the above categories. We hope the information we provide lead you to adopting healthier skincare products, healthier habits, and aide you on your journey to flawless skin - the natural way!

Now that we've given you our raison d'etre, let's dig into our first segment. In it, we are talking about fingernails!

We know you must be wondering what fingernails have to do with clear and healthy skin. Have you ever seen men with long nails or a long nail on a particular finger and it's perfectly groomed, but you can see the black abyss of gunk underneath it?

That gunk is most likely the reason their skin isn't behaving as it should. While long nails aren't a major factor in contributing to acne breakouts and ingrown hairs, they do contribute to the spread of bacteria which causes breakouts.

Think about how many times we absentmindedly touch our face, rub our eyes, scratch our nose, or scratch our beards? Probably over 100 times a day. Especially, when the hair starts to grow back a few days after a shave, the scratching can spread bacteria from under your nails to your face. That bacteria seeps into the pores, mixes with the sebum on your skin, creates a blockage, which means the hair growth is inhibited and boom, now you have an ingrown hair inside of a cystic pimple.

It is certainly important to keep your fingernails well groomed and tidy, especially given the frequency in which we touch our faces and scratch our beards. A lot of dead skin, oil, dandruff, and bacteria can accumulate under our nails if they aren't kept trimmed and tidy. If you really want to know how gross the gunk under a dirty nail is, search "Fingernails and Bacteria" in Google Scholar, and you will be surprised to find out what all we spread around unknowingly by keeping long dirty nails.

If your face is plagued with cystic acne, ingrown hairs, and blackheads, the first step (of many) to correct the issue is to first trim your fingernails and keep them clean.

You will minimize transferring all sorts of bacteria to your face, as well it simply just looks better for a man to have tidy and clean fingernails. After all, you wouldn't shake someone's hand if you noticed under their nails was full of gunk.

Thank you for spending a bit of time reading our #simpleskincare tips. We hope to see you adopt some of these quick tips to help you on your journey to flawless skin.

Feel free to comment below if you think tidy nails have helped improve your skin. 


The Man In The Sun™ Team


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