Do You Happy?

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In this post we give new year greetings, reminisce about why we started, and break down what are Do You Happy campaign really means.

Do You Happy? For the majority of 2019, this was our campaign phrase for our flagship brand, Goombay Candles. When I first pitched the slogan to the team, they instantly asked, "don't you mean'are you happy'?" To which, I pointedly replied, "I said what I said!"

Happy New Year #goombaynation! Welcome to 2020! Welcome to your year of happiness! 

Firstly, thank you! 2019 has been a year that left the team and I feeling 'some type of way', but you guys surely turned things around in December, and for that, we are grateful.  We are certainly blessed to have customers and supporters like you.

Now let's get down to the real reason you clicked this post. Instead of blogging about what new products we have in the pipeline this year, I thought it prudent to start our first blog post for the year about the meaning behind our Do You Happy slogan for 2019.

When I started GL Candles (for those of you who were not here from the beginning, when we had paper labels, and each candle had its own color, and we only had like 10 fragrances - this was the name we were going by) back in 2015, it was because I was on a mission to bring about a little more cheer into my, at the time, miserable work life.

Goombay Candles really started because I was in pursuit of happiness. To be specific, easy and affordable ways in which I could make my, at the time, staff a little happier on the job. At the time I was a supervisor, and the working environment was toxic, which deteriorated morale and any motivation to go to work and perform on the daily.

I need not rehash the "founding' story as I'm sure you guys know it well, but that pursuit of happiness lead me to aromatherapy, which was the doorway to what Goombay Candles is today. Now, I'm repeating this concept of chasing happiness because this is what the Goombay Candle brand is all about: using our candles to light your happiness.

It's a new year. Often we make new goals, and new plans, and new resolutions to improve our quality of life. However, we often inherit the same situations from the prior year: we go home to the same house, we wake up and go to the same job, we pay the same bills, we hang out with the same people, we encounter the same challenges, and the same stresses of life. Because this sometimes become a habit, we become discouraged, and fall back into our old routines of coping with the daily stresses of life. I want you to ask yourself a simple question, do you intend to be happy this year?

Most people often say yes, however, they do not realize that they have to actively pursue happiness as a daily goal. It is an action that is often overlooked and under prioritized. For example, you are never in a constant state of fullness. When you feel hungry, you eat food. The food nourishes your body and provides energy for you to carry out the tasks for the day. In the same vein, you are not always in a state of happiness. However, when we feel exhausted or depressed, we often times do not take action to improve our mood.

This year I would like to encourage you to prioritize your happiness. Make it an activity that you consciously do on the daily. I want to encourage you everyday to do a self check in. Ask yourself if you are happy or content, and if you feel that you aren't, do some kind of activity that improves your mood. For me, that activity is often my after work 'catch myself' routine. This entails me lighting one of my favorite candles (currently our guanahani fragrance) or burning one of our wax melts (coming soon) and laying down in bed with the lasko on high for about 15 to 30 minutes in pure silence and solitude.

If you can spend hours scrolling mindlessly through Facebook, you can to carve out at least 15 mins to boost your mood on the daily. The benefits of a daily mood boost are numerous. You'll be happier, you'll be more energetic, and because you are in a good mood, you'll tackle those new year resolutions and goals with a 'yes i can' attitude, and actually achieve them.

This was the driving force behind our Do You Happy campaign in 2019. Like I had explained to the team, had we simply asked Are You Happy, people woud just say yes or no, and don't give it any thought. However, by throwing the Do in there, it gave new depth to the question. 

It first makes you ponder if we phrased the question correctly. You'd ask yourself, do they mean 'are you happy'. Typically you'd answer it right away with a yes or no and give it no thought after that. However, the Do You Happy makes you think about if your are engaging in activities that are actively making you happy; it makes you conciously think of your current state of mental and emotional wellbeing.

I honestly believe we can be a happier people, if we do a daily mood boost and self check in. If it's a concept that is foreign to you, I implore you to try it. Be more intentional about your state of happiness this year. Make a conscious effort to start and finish your day in a good mood. Take time out to destress, relax and recharge. This kind of emotional and mental self care is affordable and easy to do. Aromatherapy even works in the background.You can light your candle and do work around the house, and still reap the benefits.

In fact, the only problem you should have, is trying to decide which candle you want to burn to de-stress.

Now pop on over to the Goombay Candle tab, grab any of our candles, and #lightyourhappiness! Because if you ain't happy, what are you really doing?

Stay Happy!


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