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  • $6.50

    Natural Exfoliating Facial Sea Sponge

    Ethically harvested from the coral reefs and banks of the beautiful island of Andros, in The Bahamas, these exfoliating sponges are an excellent way to exfoliate your face with a natural and self-sustaining product. Our sea sponges:

    hypo-allergenic and toxin free
    a renewable natural resource
    a natural exfoliant
    long lasting (up to a year of use)

    Add one of our local exfoliating sponges to your skincare routine and enjoy healthy skin the natural way!

  • $10.95

    Chunky Glass Four Tealight Candle Holder

    Our modern chunky four tealight candle holder is made with a thick durable glass and is the perfect accessory for adding warm and subtle ambient light to a dinner table, or for setting a romantic mood, or even as the perfect solution for when the power goes out. Chic-up your table or room with this tealight holder today!