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  • Heal and sustain your skin with our natural turmeric soap bar. Turmeric root is known to be a wonder additive to natural soaps and users can benefit from its numerous properties. Our simple no-nonsense formulation means you are receiving an all natural bar of soap made with simple natural ingredients. Our turmeric bar:

    • has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that is great for acne and pimples
    • helps reduce eczema and chronic dry skin flare ups
    • helps reduce hyperpigmentation and scarring and promotes even toning of skin

    Our turmeric soap is an excellent full body and face solution for oily, dry, problematic, sensitive, and combination skin.

  • Sweet juicy pomegranates, with a caressing touch of ripe strawberries for a delicious flavor. If you like sweet and juicy, this is for perfect for you!

  • Ripe sweet apples and a savory mix of spices such as cloves and cinnamon, with a touch of orange thrown here and there. An absolutely cozy scent for creating that holiday atmosphere!

  • Classic vanilla, with an earthy blend of hazelnuts and the lightest touch of coconut.

  • A less intense option to our Vanilla Hazelnut candle. This renders closely to the popular fragrance however, our version boasts a more fruity crisp note of raspberries, with the subtle sweetness of vanilla following suite. The combination of sweet, fruity, and tangy is the perfect balance for a candle you'll love all year long.

  • A contemporary blend of zesty lemon, sweet oranges, and a touch of tangerines for a refreshing aroma. Perfect after a spring, summer, fall, or winter clean!

  • A harmonious blend of classic lavender and soothing chamomile that creates a relaxing, subtle, and smooth aroma.

  • Inspired by the fragrant Pineapple Sage garden herb that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies to its edible red blooms. This scent captures this unexpected and exotic blend with sweet pineapple and aromatic sage.

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